IFB Vs LG Washing Machine 2021: Which is Best? [Compare]

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In the Indian market, IFB and LG are both renowned names. Both of these companies have made their reputation by continuous innovation in their products.

In every household, a washing machine is an essential product. These companies are offering a wide range of washing machines. The washing machines help in easy cleaning. One can opt among the various types. These are top loading, front loading, fully automatic, or semi-automatic.

But the availability of both brands creates a state of dilemma in the mind of customers. Therefore, it is essential to know which company is better.

IFB Vs Lg Washing Machine Ultimate Comparison

IFB Vs Lg Washing Machine

IFB Vs Lg Washing Machine Service

IFB is a famous brand for providing excellent quality top-loading washing machines. It has launched outstanding models in this product line.

IFB and LG are offering their services all over the country. Both of them provide quality services. Companies are offering quality services before installment as well as after the installment.

But, sometimes, the installation services of IFB is delayed.

IFB Washing Machine Service Review& Features

IFB is a well-reputed brand. It has topped this segment. In a brief time, the brand has come up with innovative and trendy products. It has marked its impression in the Indian market.

Smart Laundry

IFB is not just offering laundry. It is doing laundry smartly. Bacteria, debris, hair, and dirt are removed during the washing. So, get the hygienic washing of clothes—no issue of removing hairs and other things from the clothes by yourself. Let your washing machine do this work for you. Enjoy the healthy washing.

Apart from this, it aids in saving electricity. These machines have a power notch system. This is a significant feature for Indian households. Generally, families have electricity fluctuations. This technology keeps the machine safe against power fluctuations.

Aqua Energy technology

This technology is very important, where hard water is found. This feature will protect the machine from any damage. Next, the clothes will be cleaned without any dilemma. It is nice to see a brand involving itself in resolving a hard water issue.

Many models are equipped with this technology. The mechanism is the breaking of bicarbonates into fine crystals. This feature will help in activating the detergent. So, your fabric will also be saved, and it will last longer.

Other Important features

There are some features which are advanced over other brands like LG:

  • The motor of machines is load adjustable.
  • Less washing time
  • High speed with variable frequency.
  • Rapid wash functionality.

LG Washing Machine Service Review & Features

There is no doubt about the quality and functionality of this brand. The customers are satisfied with the brand’s product. However, the purchase rate of LG is less, when it compared with IFB.

Its direct-drive technology is the unique selling point of the brand. This technology is quite popular among people. The company has also included new technologies in top-loading machines.

Motion Styles

In terms of motion styles, there are many like Scrubbing, Rolling, Swinging, and tumbling. Some are with six motion styles. With such a variety of motion styles, washing becomes fun. These motion styles ensure softer and cleaner clothes.

Steam Allergen Cycle

LG washing machines are owning a stem allergen cycle. It has three steps. These are Allergen sanitization, which is followed by Allergen dissolution. In the end, with the allergen removal, the cycle is completed.

All these steps make sure that no common allergen is there on the clothes. The technology helps in getting hygienic clothes with no allergen in them.

Twin Wash Technology

The company introduces a new feature. It is TwinWash technology. To date, this technology does not present by any other brand. In technology, there are two drums. These are the mini drum and the main drum. Due to this, the washing space gets segregated. Hence the efficiency is increased.


Most of the washing machines have an auto-restart feature. The feature was introduced to handle the power cuts in Indian households in mind. It is an essential feature.

Compare IFB and LG Washing Machine

Both of these brands are equipped with advanced features. They have remarkable engineering. IFB has made its name in the industry. Its top-loaders are performing well in the market. Their products are ideal for washing machines.

The company is laying a strong foundation in the industry. IFB washing machines has left a good impression on the minds of people. IFB has always taken care of people’s delight. It has ever fulfilled the requirements of the people.

LG also stands outstandingly in completing the customer’s expectations.

Both companies have their features, benefits, and disadvantages. Each of the companies has its name in the market due to its technology.

Which Is Better IFB or LG Washing Machine Top Loading?

1. LG Top Loading Washing Machine 6.2KG

LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • 780 RPM
  • 2 Years on Product and 10 Years on Motor
  • Turbo Drum
  • 5 Wash Programs
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LG top-loaders are famous for their powerful washing performance. They are also known for their robust design. The presence of a smart inverter motor makes adjustments in energy consumption. So, around 36% of energy is saved. BMC motor is protected. Thus, it is protected from humidity, insects, and dust. The same is free from corrosion and is waterproof.

The presence of a turbo drum is known for its powerful performance. Toughest dirt is removed from the clothes quickly. It has tech of the vital water stream.

Inverter control technology adjusts the consumption of energy. The feature of the side waterfall effectively mixes the detergent along with water. Thus, it minimizes detergent residue. Auto Pre-wash cleans the heavy stains.

Fuzzy Logic will select the wash conditions as per the wash load. Quick wash tech washes the clothes quickly. A water stream is created via Punch +3 for uniform washing.

Get unique features of Auto restart and child lock with this washing machine. This makes the washing easy.

Its excellent safety features, along with SmartThinQ NFC, are ideal for delicate and heavy clothes.

However, the lacking feature is the absence of an inbuilt heater. While washing clothes, there is no hot water. At the bottom of the machine, moving legs are absent.

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2. IFB Top Loading Washing Machine 6.5Kg


In many areas of India, hard water is an issue. So, the company has come up with the best solution. Its innovation is Aqua Energie to deal with hard water. This technology will not let the hard water to destroy your washing machine at any cost.

In hard water, it is tough to dissolve the detergent. The next problem is the deposition of white substance on the drum. This deposition can harm the washing machine parts. To handle such issues, IFB has provided Aqua Energie. This is an impressive technology.

Aqua spa feature is removing the heavy stains from the clothes effectively. So, heavily soiled garments will be cleaned easily. Its capacity is ideal for small families. Spin speed is also good, i.e., 720 RPM.

Another essential feature is the Triadic Pulsator Engine. It deals with tough stains. Soft scrub pads, Swirl Jet, and Central punch are included in this. Soft scrub pad scrubs the dirt away from the clothes. Swirl Jet dislodges the dirt. Lastly, the central effectiveness squeezes dirt from the clothes.

So, overall the heavy and tough stains are removed. There are eight water levels inside the washing machine.

The presence of 3D wash systems has a 360-degree feature. 360 degree helps in dissolving the detergent. It assures no detergent residue is left behind.

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Which Is Better IFB or LG Washing Machine Front Loading?

IFB vs LG Washing Machine Front Loading

1. LG Front Loading Washing Machine 6Kg 5 Star

LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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The model owns many fantastic features. 6 motion control technology gives you the power to select the wash program. Six motion direct drive technology allows the wash drum to move in multiple directions. It helps in getting ultra, clean clothes.

The motor of this front loader is directly attached to the drum. Hence, less noise, less vibration, and reduced wear and tear.

More importantly, the smart diagnosis is associated with the washing machine. SmartThinQ app will help in diagnosing the problem. With this technique, the user can detect 86 errors.

The Auto-restart feature is an important one. If power cuts happen, the washing cycle will start from where it left once electricity comes back.

The washing machine is not something to play with it. So, with the help of a child lock, one can keep it safe from the child.

The drum is of stainless steel. Thus, it is rust-resistant—no fear of germs and bacteria.

Tub Clean technology will be cleaned along with the drum. RPM speed will help in removing the water stains. LG heater washing machine will remove the stubborn allergens and stains with ease. The water can be heated up to 60 degrees Celsius.

2. IFB Front Loading Washing Machine 6Kg 5 Star

IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB is offering a wide variety of products in the market. Its washing machine has a crescent moon drum. Crescent moon grooves are present on the drum surface. These are smooth. The presence of such grooves makes water cushion. It helps in the prevention of damage to the fabric of clothes.

The air bubble wash system uses air bubbles. The air bubbles get deep into the fabric to remove stubborn clothes.

There are 15 wash programs. The presence of a 2D wash system provides options for the different wash cycles. Unbalanced clothes are distributed evenly inside the washing machine with the help of the auto-balance system.

Aqua Energie system dissolves the detergent effectively and gives you better results. In front-loading, one cannot add clothes once the washing cycle is started. But this model has the option of add laundry. So, in case you missed some clothes, add them via this machine.

It is featuring with silk special. Hence, silk lovers can easily take care of silk clothes while washing. The washing machine handles such fabric with extra care.

Power fluctuations are also taken care of in this model. High low voltage protection prevents the motor from power fluctuations.

Along with all great features, it has a protective rat mesh also. It is present at the bottom.

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Which Is Best IFB or LG Washing Machine?

After going through every aspect of both the brands, one must meet the brand that meets its needs. In terms of price as well as front load choices, IFB wins the ground. But, when we talk about innovation and quality, the ball is in the hands of LG. But, both are functionally good for households.

IFB is the best option to go with as it comes in budget. The different choices of washing, consumption of electricity, and capacity will never disappoint you. Additionally, IFB front loaders are functionally better than LG. So, choosing IFB will be a great decision to make cleaning clothes comfortable.

All over the country, IFB has more than 200 outlets. The washing machines are designed in such a way to make the loading quick and easy. Smart saver technology and smart wash programs are unique features of IFB washing machines.

IFB has an impressive warranty along with smart and innovative washing machines.

Some of the fantastic features owned by LG are inverter direct drive, auto pre-wash, and so on.

The washing machines of LG are a tremendous mixture of longevity, affordability, and innovation.

Both companies are giving tough competition to each other. For the customers, sometimes it is tough to choose between these two. But the thing matter is the features offered by the brands.

High standard performance is the thing required by the customers. Each customer wants worth of its money. So, they will indeed look for the option that worth their money.

Going through their features will help you in making comparisons easy. The heart of these companies is their technology and characteristics associated with the washing machines. Innovation is the key to success. This famous quote is genuinely applicable to IFB.

IFB has proved itself in the market in a brief period of time. Going with the option of IFB will never disappoint you. Reliability and functionality are the terms attached to the performance of washing performance.

Getting more energy-efficient washing machines will be economical.

Apart from this, to keep the washing machines durable, one needs to maintain it well. It will add longevity to the washing machine. So, a 2-year warranty product will work excellently for ten years also.


The final decision always depends on the convenience of the user. Here, only a guide is showcased to help you in making a decision. The goodness of IFB and LG are highlighted.

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