LG vs Samsung Washing Machine Which One is Better? Compare

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Buying a useful washing machine is still a dream for most of the middle-classers in India. A few top players are leading the market. Samsung and LG are the ones giving the best competition to world-wide known brands like BOSCH and IFB.

Both LG and Samsung Washing Machine offers a quality washer at an affordable price. Both brands have individual market value. The product lineups are super strong enough to maintain a tough competition. Let us look at both the brands and their well-known range of products for a better comparison.

LG vs Samsung Washing Machine

Both Samsung and LG have a huge market share in making home appliances in India. While coming to the washing machines, these two outlasts one another. I don’t believe in brand loyalty. It is always a good thing to analyze irrespective of the brand name. But there are few things to look at the brands before buying the product.

LG vs Samsung Washing Machine

Though the product may be similar, the service and quality offered by each of them differ. So, it is good to find the best things in a brand before going for a product. I have invested my quality time in making the best comparison for you.

While looking at the top loader washing machines, Samsung looks better than the LG. Samsung offers a dynamic range of top loaders with impressive features. With their sophisticated technology and elegant features, it has a tremendous impact.

Ok, now it’s time to look at the LG machines. Samsung is brilliant in the top loaders, whereas LG offers beautiful front loaders. LG machines are very well known for their performance. Everyone knows about the quality of LG. But it also gives the best features along with that.

Here you will get an idea from the detailed comparison of Samsung and LG.

1. Service

The quality of service provided by Samsung and LG is terrific. Both respond to the queries of the customers without delay. If they find any issue with their machines, they solve it immediately.

You need not worry about the service in both brands. There are numerous service centres located across each corner of India.

2. Price

In terms of pricing, Samsung wins both the top and front-loading segment. It gives you the best washing machine at an attractive price. Samsung dominates the top loader machines, and the pricing is also less while comparing to LG. I would go with Samsung in terms of the Top loader machines. The price and features are very balanced with the Samsung machines.

While coming to the front loader machines, it is not easy to make a comparison. The price is less in Samsung, whereas LG offers prominent features at a slightly high price. So it is up to you to decide on the machine if you are looking at the price.

3. Warranty

Samsung offers a 3-years warranty on products for the front loader machines and ten years on motor. LG offers a two-year warranty on developments on the same front loader lineups. Here Samsung wins the competition.

While coming to the top loader machines, Samsung offers two years on product and four years for the motor. Here, LG provides the same two years on the product, but ten years for the engine. This is big in numbers, and it brings a significant difference between Samsung and LG. So, the reward here goes to the LG as it wins in a vast difference.

4. Build Quality

Both Samsung and LG never compromise on quality. They give only the best in the market, and both compete heavily in the market. Both the items come with the corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, shockproof mechanism. The durability is not a big issue in both the product. So, the assurance is strong enough for both in terms of reliability and durability.

Compare LG and Samsung Washing Machine Top Features

It’s difficult to tell which one wins over the other as both stand top in offering the features. LG’s smart diagnosis is advanced that no similar brands use on this date.

While looking at the wash programs, both serve enough programs. Both the items come with delicate wash programs, and each one gives a better result.

The invertor direct drive from LG is an excellent feature. It reduces the sound and vibration to a greater extent for a smooth performance. It is an immense advantage in LG, where Samsung cannot impress.

The center Jet technology from Samsung is a significant factor to look at Samsung. It never allows the clothes to get damaged. The fabric quality is maintained well in Samsung. LG has a similar feature, like this called “6 motion control technology.” It, too, takes care of the clothes with perfection. But Samsung is much better than LG to maintain the quality of clothes.

While looking at the drums, both come with the best quality drums equipped inside. The Diamond drum from Samsung is a pure form of lit. It gives the best care for the quality of materials inside.

So, in terms of features, both ones are great, but I prefer Samsung. The quality of the clothes retains well. That’s a prominent sign for Samsung.

1. Things to Consider in Samsung Washing Machines

The top loaders in Samsung don’t make many sounds, and the performance is seamless. It gives you more cleaning functions with its quality feature line up. Samsung provides several timer settings, which is an immense advantage.

Samsung has worked brilliantly on the drums as it keeps the promise of the eco-friendly drum. It keeps the germs out of existence inside the drum. Samsung’s user-friendly display is winning over all the others with its soft-touch buttons.

The Aqua control technology from Samsung blocks the leakage of water. It turns the water off if any leakage is suspected.

2. Things to consider in LG Washing Machines

The turbo drum and the smart diagnosis is the unique selling point of most LG machines. The turbo drum mechanism keeps the clothes out of the reach of the pulsator. It reduces the physical damages to the clothes. The smart diagnosis tracks all the activities carried inside the machine.

The motor is inbuilt, and thus the sound and vibration are minimized. It gives the energy-saving option, also enhancing durability. It is better to go with the front loaders as it is the best-selling segment for LG. it is crafted beautifully with all the elegance present in a machine.

Samsung vs LG Front Load Washing Machine Reviews India

1. LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG has worked on bringing the cogent washing machine that outlasts the performance. The fully automatic washing machine is made with elegance. It brings the best wash quality consuming significantly less amount of water and electricity. Its efficient performance is undoubted as it renders a smooth flow of work.

The 6 kg washer suits best for the bachelors or family with two to three members. The work it renders is unimaginable. The washer comprises ten different wash programs built-in, and each one does a valuable job. The six motion control technology from the machine takes the utmost care of the clothes. It moves the drum in multiple directions, keeping the fabrics clean.

The front loaders from LG have the motors inbuilt directly on the drums. So, the vibrations are reduced to a greater extent, leaving no noise. It will make you feel good about LG’s inverter direct drive functioning.

LG also improvised the smart diagnosis technology. It is the unique selling point of all the LG washing machines. Connect with your mobile to know the troubleshooting of the device.

There are many more features to add to this machine. The waterproof touch panel, auto restart, child lock features are excellent in LG. You all know that LG never compromises on features. The same thing happens in the built quality, too. It is simply the best in this segment.

Features Pros
    Six motion control technology.
    Waterproof touch panel.
    Inverter direct drive.
    Smart diagnosis application.
    Ten wash program.
    Auto-restart functioning.
    Child lock and baby care functions.
    The build quality is excellent.
    Excellent features.
    Noiseless performance.

2. Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung’s yet another impressive machine comes in a front-loading mechanism. The washer gives you stunning features that are an unimaginable one. Usually, Samsung gives its best in the top loaders, but it has done an admirable job here. The washing machine renders a stand-out job with its best feature that comes along with it.

The hygiene steam feature from the machine keeps the germs out of the drum. It improves the wash quality keeping the clothes neat and tidy. The digital inverter is an absolutely brilliant device that holds within it. It gives you a powerful and effective wash within the stipulated time.

The soft curl design protects the clothes from severe damages. It treats the clothes with care, not letting any disturbances to the clothes. They enable the motor inside the machine with the energy-efficient functioning. The device comes with different types of wash programs, and each one of them brings its best.

The delay end feature is an added advantage to the machine. If you are looking to personalize the wash program time, this helps you to do so. It allows you to preset the wash program time. Samsung does a pretty good job here. If you are looking for an alternative to the LG front loader machines, this one is best.

Features Pros
    Hygiene steam wash program.
    Digital invertor.
    Soft curl design.
    Delay end feature.
    Different wash programs.
    Keeps the clothes free from germs.
    The price is less.
    Offers immense value.
    Gives an efficient wash program.
    Solid performance.

Samsung vs LG Top Load Washing Machine Reviews India

Below we compared Samsung 6.2 kg vs LG 6.2 kg washing machine with top features and advantages.

1. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


Samsung gives you the best washables in the top loaders. The machine gives you all the elegance in your budget range. It could satisfy all the needs one could expect in an ultimate loader machine. Samsung has brought you all the technical enhancements in its top loaders.

This automatic top loader doesn’t fail to create an impression. It has enormous features equipped along with the budget. The diamond drum technology protects the clothes from all the odds. It takes the utmost care of the laundry with its soft curl design.

The magic filter is another unique add on from Samsung. It filters the lint, fluff, and particles that come out of the clothes. The main unique selling point of this machine is the Centre jet technology. It lifts the clothes running down to the pulsator, preventing the damage to the clothes.

The five water level functions from Samsung saves more water usage. The machine gives you a solid-rock performance. You need not worry about its durability. Features keep on adding, and Samsung delivers them with efficiency.

    Centre jet technology.
    Diamond drum.
    Magic filter.
    Eco tub clean.
    Quick wash program.
    Child lock.
    Five water levels.
Comes with Enormous features.
Takes the utmost care of the fabric.
Value for money.
Highly durable.
It consumes water and energy.

2. LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

We all know how good LG in the front loaders. But there are few products from LG which is good enough in the top loaders to. This model from LG is the direct contender to Samsung’s top loaders. The machine gives you the initial impressions well enough. The fully automatic top loader holds the sign of heavy-duty engines.

LG has shown the intent to dominate the top-loading segment with this washing machine. It almost retained almost all the features of the above-mentioned front loader machine. The device gives a dynamic approach with its splendid operation.

The smart invertor from the machine saves energy with consummate. The waterproof motor that comes with the washer is highly durable. The turbo drum facility equipped in the washer takes away the tough stains. It gives the most potent wash, rotating the drum and pulsator in the opposite direction.

The punch+3 feature from the machine swirls the laundry up and down for an effective wash. This washing machine has been loaded with enormous features. It gives tough competition to a similar range of products.


    Smart inverter motor.
    Smart diagnosis.
    Tub cleaning.
    Noiseless performance.
    Takes away the stubborn stains from the clothes.
    Vibration is significantly less.
    Value for money.
    Consumes energy.

Samsung Vs LG Washing Machine which is Better?

Both Samsung and LG are very well known brands for the Indian audience. Both have enormous trust among people. So the competition is heavy between them. It replicates our buying decision as both of them lined with a quality range of products. It is up to you to choose the best item as per your convenience.

So, I think you have made a decision. I hope this comparison between LG and Samsung washing machine gives you a great insight to know the difference between Samsung and LG.

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