6 Best Small Lockers for Home Use in India 2021

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Today’s era is all about technology and science. Science and technology have made our life easy and smooth. Here, in the world of technology, another excellent product has entered. It is an electronic locker. Be tension free to protect valuable possessions. Theft is no more issues while owning this product. 

An electronic security locker is the best way to protect your essentials from theft. Protect valuables, money, and documents. Purchase the electronic vault. It is the most important thing. Electronic safe storage is the best way to secure all precious essentials. 

They are easy to operate. So, these are practical solutions to keep the documents, cash, and jewelry safe. 

There are many brands in this category. Choosing and selecting is not an easy task. There are many factors to keep in mind. Consider all the significant features before buying. But still, it isn’t apparent. Here a list is available to guide you on the best security lockers for your home

Best Small Lockers for Home Use India 2020

Best Small Lockers for Home Use India

1. Godrej best Small Locker 2020 8Ltr

Godrej Security Solutions Access SEEC9060 Electronic Safe (8 Litre) (Ivory)


Godrej is one of the most trusted brands. Godrej home lockers are the best ones. These are ten times stronger than an ordinary wooden wardrobe. 

The Godrej model is among the top-rated small locker. The security locker has motorized shooting bolts. This feature is providing added security to your valuables. 

The LED touchpad is present. You can go for a 3-6 digit password. The auto freezing feature is available with the keypad. So, on entering the wrong password, the keypad will auto freeze. Consecutive wrong passwords will do the same. 

Even in low battery, the password is not erased. It is possible due to non-volatile memory. Get the mechanical override feature with this product. 

It is a reliable product with 8 liters of limit. The locker weighs around 5 kg. 

The product can be mounted into the back. Even one can mount it from the bottom also. 

  • Mechanical override is accessible.
  • It is not heavy.
  • The legitimate manual is not present with the product.

2. AmazonBasics small Home Locker Drawer 2.7Ltr


  • Safe with a slim size fits conveniently inside of a drawer
  • Programmable electronic keypad for easy operation; emergency back-up key included; small handle on door for quick access
  • 2 live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges for superior security

Amazon Basics Desk Drawer Safe will keep the valuable locked safely. The product has occupied the market in a short period. Its exceptional features, AmazonBasics, is ruling the market.

We all want something right in terms of quality-wise to keep the belongings safe. The product is made up of top quality material. The material makes the locker robust as well as healthy. For everyone, this is an ideal one. 

You are buying the safe promises you to give premium security. It is much better than a lock and critical systems. High durability is the key feature of this. Durability is due to powerful and heavy carbon steel. Use of this material provides excellent stability. 

 Its slim size makes it suitable to fit anywhere. In fact, being in such a slim shape makes it perfect for drawers also. Its compact size is not compromising with the quality. Even its size is also not affecting the functionality of the product. 

Enjoy the level of security with the product. You can operate the safe with the help of a numeric touchpad. It is easily programmed. However, a backup key is also there to open it. Get the facility of two sections. Yes, it is possible as the shelf is splitting into two sections. It offers the proper organization of valuables. 

So, for the couples who want the thing to keep it separately, it is perfect. On the other hand, use one shelf for jewelry, the other for holding documents and cash. 

Mounting hardware is included in the package—Mount to the floor, shelf, and wall. Do the same as per your choice. Moreover, it is the most significant way to protect your possessions. 

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  • A backup key is present.
  • Programmable electronic keypad
  • Top-notch security features.
  • The slim size of safe.
  • One might need to change the batteries very frequently.

3. Ozone Electronic Safe Small Home Locker India 10Ltr


  • Opened by 4 digit user code
  • Emergency opening by manual override keys
  • Three wrong code inputs consecutively puts the safe in secure mode for 3 minutes

Ozone Safety is at the top positions in the industry of safe lockers. Products of the brand are known for responsibility, quality thinking, and innovative strength. 

This electronic locker is a robust one. It is developed to protect possessions. Locker has never made any disappointments. 

The electronic locking system has eliminated the tension of varying a key. Hence, no need to carry a key everywhere with you. However, still, you get the key. In case, battery dies, you can use this key to unlock the locker. Thus, in case of emergency and batteries’ failure will not leave you in the middle of the sea. 

However, before batteries die, you get the indication. Low battery indicator notifies you to change the battery. As you will know low battery, you can change the battery. Eliminate the battery die situation beforehand. 

Its size is significant to handle all necessary items. But it is small enough to get portable. 

Locker is featuring the best security. Any three consecutive wrong password attempts will result in licking off the locker. Hence, strangers will fail to open the locker. 

With the electronic keypad, increase the level of security at your home. Unlike a mechanical lock, you cannot break it smoothly. So, be assured of the safety of valuables. 

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  • This Safe is very cheap
  • Consumer satisfaction.
  • Little Heavy

4. Yale Home Small Electronic Safe Locker 8.6 Ltr


  • Total peace of mind : The safe comes with two anti-saw locking bolts (16mm) and with steel body for protection against all attacks
  • Technical Details - Exterior dimensions: 200 x 310 x 200 mm ( LXWXH), Interior dimensions: 150 x 300 x 190 mm ( LXWXH), Net weight: 8 Kg, Volume: 9 litres
  • Steel construction with carpeted floor to protect against scratches and damage

Yale is protecting the things that matter to its customers. It makes home safe as well as smart. The safety locker will keep the belongings safe against theft attacks. The healthy steel body of the locker will help in doing this. It offers safety against all attacks. Additionally, the pin will increase the security level. 

There is protection against scratches and damage. It has a carpeted floor along with steel construction. So, what could be better than this? 

It has two anti-saw locking bolts. For the permanent mounting to the hard surface, pre-drilled bolts are present. Hence, additional security is guaranteed while mounting to the floor or walls. 

 The locker is featuring a false entry alarm. On entering four incorrect inputs, an internal alarm will start activating. It will ring for around3 minutes. Moreover, in this period, the code pad will be locked. You can use manual override during this time. 

A digital keypad is available with the locker. It also has an LCD display. As a password, one can use 3-8 digits. It is a programmable combination. 

When the battery dies, you can open the safe via keys. So, no worries about getting your valuables. 

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  • Mechanical override.
  • Prevention of password erasure via non-volatile memory.
  • 16mm anti-saw locking bolts.
  • Large storage space.
  • You can open this safe with a 3-6 digit password.

    5. Fariox Dictionary Small locker for Home use


    • Inconspicuous Design: Paperback English Dictionary Cover Design. It Looks Just Like A Genuine Book On The Book Shelf. In A Line Of Similar Type Books It Would Be Impossible To Distinguish This From The Real Thing
    • Metal safe hidden inside book MIX COLOR n print will be shipped - Colours Available - Blue / Black / Maroon / Brown.With different Prints of cover page


    The inconspicuous design of the locker has made this one perfectly hidden. Its shape is just like any book on the bookshelf. So, it is the ideal one to keep your cash. It is not possible to differentiate this one from real books. 

    This metal safe is coloured like a book only. In fact, it has different prints on the cover page. Hence, it is difficult for the unauthorized person to pick the lock. Due to its compact size, it is pretty easy to carry it anywhere. A perfect place to store cash, cards, passports, and so on. Book shaped safe will indeed offer a high level of security. 

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    • It is a book safe. Very simple to hide it.
    • This locker looks like a real book. So, camouflage easily with other books.
    • Perfect dictionary like the cover page.
    • As it is too compact, it fails to store many valuables.

    6. Zyomatiq Hidden Book Safe Locker


    • Keep your valuables secure with this ingenious book shaped safe! Not only does the cleverly disguised Book Safe keep your valuables under lock and key, but with its New English Dictionary cover, it could easily be mistaken for just another book on your shelf, and the last thing that a thief will have time to do when hunting for swag is to go rifling through the dictionary to find the definition of outfoxed.
    • It's also a handy and memorable place to leave things overnight. Never again will you have to go searching the house first thing in the morning having forgotten where you left your keys and wallet, now you can simply put them in the Book Safe and you'll always remember. It really is the last word in book smart.

    It is just another tremendous safe locker. The appearance of the locker like a book confuses the unauthorized person. As it blends with other books on the shelf, it creates lots of confusion. So, this feature makes the book locker perfect to use. The security level is undoubtedly high. 

    Disguise the book locker with other books. Nee English dictionary cover is easily mistaken to be the real one. It is the last task for a burglar to open every book. So, ultimately your possessions are safe and secure. 

    In fact, its outer cover is just like a real book cover only. The cover page is providing a perfect disguise. 

    It is handy too, as its compact size makes it easily portable. You are carrying the locker easily during travelling. Keep your cards, cash, and documents safe while travelling anywhere. It is an ideal place for ATM cards, passports, and so on. 

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    • Compact size
    • It Looks like a book.
    • It cannot store many items in it.

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    An excellent safe locker should provide security against theft. Advanced technology has enabled us to protect our possessions. Lockers with passwords have given us the power to safeguard our cash and jewelry.

    Here, these are the safest lockers small locker for home use. The lockers in the list are the perfect choice for your home.

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