10 Best Oven for Baking Cakes at Home 2021 Reviews

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Microwave ovens are the necessities in Indian kitchens. This thing helps in speeding up the cooking. Everyone wishes to own this valuable item in their kitchen. Microwave ovens are ideal for Indian kitchens. The product is of high efficiency. 

It is safer as it does not use flame and gas supply. 

Best Oven for Baking Cakes at Home

There is a lot of dilemma of getting one. The reason behind this is lots of brands are available in the market. 

It confuses. But, there is no need for tension. Comprehensive research helps us to select few items in this category. You can prefer the items as per your requirements. 

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Best Oven for Baking Cakes at Home 2021

1. Samsung Microwave Oven

CE1041DSB2/TL, Black, SlimFry

In terms of customer service and warranty, Samsung is a reliable and trustworthy brand. The item from this company is worthy of your money. It is an excellent choice for small Indian families. During cooking, you will love all of the unique features. 

Functionalities of the microwave will surely impress you. Generally, frying something at home during weekends is deep frying. So, it is not suitable for health. Miraculous slim fry technology will let you enjoy fry items with less oil in them. 

This is amazing. The technology gives access to circulating the hot air inside the oven. This results in delicious, oil-free, and healthy snacks. 

Use the pre-installed auto cooking recopies. On the touch control panel, use a button to do the same. The oven has a great collection of Indian recopies. Auto cook function makes the work fast as well as easy. 

Samsung always amuses us with its technologies. Its ceramic enamel-built cavity is durable and hygienic. Indeed, it is easy to clean.

The innovative inbuilt feature permits the automatic settings to cook the delicious and perfect roti. Roti maker feature cooks the good roti for you. It is convertible to the hot steaming tandoor. This is perfect for cooking naans right at your home. It will serve you the perfect soft naans. 

Importantly, it is affordable. For people who want an oven within their budget, then this is perfect for them. The oven is the home of all the latest features. Its ceramic enamel-built cavity makes it different from others. 

The company is good at offering after-buying customer service. So, you can also take a free trial. This fantastic product comes in an affordable price basket. 

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  • This product is best for small families.
  • It has slim fry technology.
  • Ceramic enamel cavity is equipped in this.
  • Absence of rotisserie.

2. Philips Oven for Baking Cakes at Home 25 Ltr

HD6975/00 25-Litre

Philips is a trusted brand. Its highlighting feature is Opti-Temp Technology. The 10-preset menu one-touch option enables the user to cook a variety of dishes. One-touch will change your life and let you cook fast. This offers the right time and temperature for cooking the best dish.

Food cooked in this OTG is crispy, browning, and evenly cooked. If you are thinking about the loss of any nutritional value, then you are wrong. The food has its nutritional values. 

The Presence of digital Presence offers a comfortable zone. It aids in selecting the different modes, recopies, and temperatures. You will get the national along with the international option on the preset option. Some of them are Batti, Tikka, cake, Litti chokha, and bagel. 

Another unique feature is the cool-touch handle. So, it is easy to open the door and no burning of the hand. The toughened glass door helps in monitoring the dish quickly. The chamber has a light inside it. 

Get many in-built accessories to help you in functions like Crumb tray, Wire rack, baking tray tong, baking tray, rotisserie rod, and rotisserie tongs. All these accessories are food graded. These are easy to maintain and rust-free. 

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  • 90 minutes auto-cut off feature is present.
  • It has a digital display panel.
  • Presence of opti-temp technology.
  • 10 preset menu is present on one touch.
  • In-built light is present, and it gives you access to peek through the door.
  • The product gets heated when OTG is in use.

3. Borosil Oven for Baking Cakes at Home

Prima 30 L OTG

Borosil Prima OTG is a beautiful combination of joyful cooking. Along with this, it also offers convenience and comfort. 30L OTG is suitable for a small family. The product owns a motorised rotisserie accompanying the 6 stage heat selection. The power consumption is 1500 Watts.

The Prima OTG is well equipped with all the necessary functions for doing a variety of tasks. These are rotisserie, toasting, grilling, and baking. 6 stage heating performs all these functions effectively. The selection of heat combination depends on the need of the dish to cook and bake. 

Its adjustable temperature control is the most convenient feature. The automatic power indicator is on the top of the list. Next is the 60-minute mechanical timer. 

Size matters a lot. This OTG is suitable for every kitchen counter. Oversize of the OTG should not limit the joy of baking. So, 30 L is the right size for a family of 4-5 people. 

Convection mode is quite effective in making vegetable browner and caramelises the sugar. The product is quite efficient in cooking the food fast at a low temperature. Hence, it contributes to saving energy in comparison to the regular ones. 

This product has accessories for convenience. There is a cooking tray with a handle, a rotisserie rod set, a rotisserie handle and a grill rack. A removable tray with a handle is also present.

The handle of the OTF is ergonomically designed. This makes the model easy to operate product irrespective of the temperature inside it. 

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  • A variety of tasks includes baking and so on, are present.
  • 6 stage heating system is present.
  • Aesthetically designed product. It has an elegant design.
  • Manual control is present for handling efficiently.
  • Nothing much to say

4. Bajaj Oven Toaster Grill

Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre

Bajaj is a reliable brand. Customers rely on this company. Bajaj Majesty OTG will let you enter into the world of delicious and lip-smacking food. Nothing can be better than home-cooked food. You will enjoy tasty dishes at your home only. 

Functionality is the best one. The model is compact and is suitable for small kitchens. 

A stylish OTG is the need of everyone. This will serve the purpose perfectly. Its elegant design combines ideally with excellent functions. This stainless steel body has a powder-coated design. 

The Presence of isolated heat handles makes the handling easy and comfortable. This feature prevents you from heat shocks. No one wants heat shock while operating the product. 

In this model, you can toast, grill and bake. There is a 60 minutes time feature. So, once the food is ready, you will receive a notification. This tells the completion of cooking. 

Indeed, the thermostat will ensure easy monitoring of the temperature. The product comes with lots of accessories. One crumb tray, one baking tray tong and one baking tray are parts of the model only. Apart from these, it has 4 Skewer Rods and 1 Wire Grill Cum Barbieq Tray.

Two heating elements are present. Three separate knobs are present for heat, time and temperature mode. 

Choosing the heat elements depends on the type of food. 

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  • It is easy to use the product.
  • Under the range of Rs 4000, it is good.
  • This model is an energy-efficient product.
  • Rotisserie set is not present in the model.

5. AGARO Oven Toaster Grill with 5 Heating Modes

Marvel 19-Litre

AGARO is offering good health as well as superb taste with this OTG. This 19L OTG is one of the best products. The product is efficient in baking, toasting and grilling. 

5 stage heating option completes all your baking, grilling and roasting needs. All the options are available on the function knob. You can select the one as per your need. These are Top Heating, Bottom Heating and Top & Bottom Heating. Others are Rotisserie with Bottom Heating, Rotisserie with Top & Bottom Heating. 

The safety of the customers is the priority. Hence, the product has heat resistant glass window. Now, heat will not exude while you are cooking. 

The double-layered glass door will let you check the food regularly. In this model, you will get a wide range of accessories. Bake pan, oven rack, tray handle, rotisserie rod and rotisserie handle are its parts. 

Insulated handles protect the user from unexpected burning of hands. 

Motorised rotisserie allows you to cook delicious dishes. So, now you will have the chance to opt for spit roasting of vegetables and chicken. This product has an auto shut off features along with a ready bell one. 

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  • The model has a beautiful black matte finish body.
  • A glass window is heat resistant.
  • Auto timer off feature is available.
  • An illuminated chamber is present.
  • Compact and sleek design.
  • Some technical errors are present.

6. AmazonBasics Oven Toaster Grill

30L 1500 Watt

Amazon Basics is a brand coming with lots of features and benefits. It includes all major payment options, easy after-sales service. Others are fast delivery and replacement guarantee. 

Amazon has always focused on customer satisfaction. Its key to success is its happy customers. This 30L product has a stainless steel cavity. It is of high quality. 

There are many attractive features. With a touch of a button, you can defrost, preheat, cook, grill and bake. Indeed, LED control panels to let you control the digital controls. With the 65 auto cook menu options, it is straightforward to use this model. 

Preheat functionality allows even cooking of the food. Another major thing is child lock. This is an essential feature. It assures no kid operates the OTG accidentally. As per the weight of the food, auto defrost adjusts automatically. 

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  • The model is a multifunctional one.
  • It is ideal for large families.
  • Aftersales service is good.

    7. Morphy Richards OTG for Baking

    OTG Besta 18-Litre

    This 18L OTG is perfect to meet all your requirements of toasting, grilling and baking. This model from Morphy Richards is suitable for small families with 4-5 people. 

    You can use the OTG for cooking your style. Use the product for cooking Indian, Italian, Mexican and so on. Get into the virtual world of lip-smacking dishes with this model of Morphy Richards. 

    Its innovative bake technology will give you efficient results. The stay on functions keeps the food warm and fresh until you serve it. You can use this function to keep the dishes warm for two hours. 

    Its motorised rotisserie has forks for grilling paneer tikka and kebabs—grill and roast all the mouth-watering delicacies for you and your family. 

    The temperature controller of the model controls the cooking temperature as per the dishes. You can control it. Sixty minutes timer will not let the food overcooked. A removable crumb tray helps in easy cleaning of the bottom part of the OTG. 

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    • Presence of innovative bake technology.
    • This model has a motorized rotisserie.
    • Bake mode.
    • A 60-minute timer is present.

      8. Havells Oven Toaster Grill with Double Glass Door

      20R BL 1380Watt

      The multi-purpose oven aids in preparing different delightful delicacies. This model of Havells is quite efficient in baking, grilling and toasting. In this model, the heating system is advanced and efficient. This speeds up the process of cooking. 

      This stainless steel OTG has a vertical rotisserie. One can use it in spit roasting for panner and chicken. This model also offers cooking of large joints of meat. The circular motion of the OTG helps in cooking food evenly and efficiently. 

      A particular cooling fan is also present. It will draw the cool air into the OTG. Hence, it controls the housing temperament. Glass is good, and it can trap the heat effectively. The Presence of a double glass door will not let the heat escape from the oven. 

      It also allows you to monitor the food while cooking. 

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      • Get the non-stick coated barbecue tray. Four skewer rods are also present with it.
      • You will have a 0-60 minute timer. 10-minute time interval is also present.
      • Presence of double glass doors.
      • Inbuilt cooling fan is present to control the temperature.
      • NA

      9. Usha Oven for Baking Cakes

      OTGW 3619R

       Usha is a trustworthy company. It will fill your kitchen with delectable delicacies. Usha Oven Toaster and Griller has many accessories to support you in cooking. Bake tong, crumb tray, skewers and grill rack are some of them. Rotisserie and rotiserrie tongs are also present. 

      Get a secure grip on easy-grip knobs. Even when your hands are wet, you will have a good grip. Enamelled baking tray offers aesthetic value and superb performance. 

      360-degree rotisserie feature is perfect for brown roasts. The tempered glass door is break-resistant, and it resists damages. Indeed, the product will last longer. 

      All grilling needs are fulfilled with the help of a steel wire rack. A solid handle offers a good grip. This also adds to the durability of the product. 

      • Several accessories are present to aid in baking, grilling and toasting.
      • Presence of illuminated chamber. This helps in keeping an eye on the food.
      • The timer will not function if you want to set it for less than 10 minutes.

      10. Pigeon OTG for grilling and baking Cakes

      Stovekraft Baker

      Pigeon is a good company in the Indian market. People trust the brand. Its OTG is an excellent choice, and it is within budget. It is one of the best OTG coming under the Rs 4000 range. 

      Its elegant design enhances the decor of your kitchen. The unique features of the OTG make it a fantastic product. Grilling enthusiasts will surely enjoy the cooking: Cook the delicacies and delicious treats for your loved ones. 

      The Presence of an auto-cook menu lets you cook a variety of dishes. All things are with comfort and without any hassle. 

      Next, its 60 minute time will make things easy for you. It will help in auto-turn off. 

      Easy cleaning is available. This is possible due to the removable crumb tray. 

      4-stage heating options help to cook in a better way. 

      • The thermostat temperature is adjustable.
      • The product has an elegant design.
      • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
      • Shining knobs are of high quality.
      • Presence of 4-stage heating options.
      • After prolonged use, the outer body gets heated up.


      Comprehensive research resulted in the list of best microwave ovens. Go through every product, Analyse its features, pros, and cons. Match them with your requirements. It will surely help in selecting the right product for you. Always buy the product as per your needs. 

      Whenever you buy any product, there are always some factors to consider. There are many things to keep in mind. 

      Budget is an essential factor. It helps in deciding which OTG one should buy. Purchase the one only after deciding on the budget. 

      Size and capacity also matter. The size generally ranges from 18l to 40L. Decide what you need as per the family size. 

      Consumption of the power ranges from 800W-1200W/ It is always a great thing to pick within this range. So, get one of these and enjoy your cooking. Serve your family and friends with excellent and tasty dishes. 

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