15 Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking Reviews 2021

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 In a kitchen, a mixer grinder is one of the essential appliances. It is essential as it performs many functions. Ability to handle several tasks make it a must appliance in our kitchens. 

Here is a list of the best mixer grinders. Discussing their features with advantages will surely help in getting the best one. This article will aid you in choosing the right product. This list of best mixer grinder for Indian cooking will indeed serve the purpose. Needs and budget is the priority. 

Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews

Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

1. Sujata Best Grinder for Indian cooking

Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder
900W, 3 Jars (White)

The performance of the mixer depends on the motor. Nine hundred watts of powerful motor has a double ball bearing. Several advanced features are coming with the product. Low maintenance is the most crucial feature of this mixture grinder. So, you can have a trouble-free performance. 

Dome jar is also available. It is best for wet grinding. Stainless steel jars are suitable for dry grinding purposes. Prepare the batter for dosa and idlis. 

The motor can run without interruption for an extended time. So, use the mixture for up to 90 minutes continuously. Grinding and chopping are perfect with razor stainless steel blades. 

A speed control rotary switch gives you the option of three-speed settings. 2200 RPM is the highest speed. 

Shockproof body material is of high quality. It assures vibration-free operations. 

  • Powerful motor.
  • Attractive design.
  • Trouble-free functioning.
  • Double ball bearing.
  • High quality.
  • Stainless steel blades. It is razor-sharp.
  • After-sales service is not good.

2. Vidiem Mixer Grinder 750w

Vidiem ADC MG 579A, 750 Watts Mixer Grinder
ADC MG 579A, 750 Watts Black, With Multi CHEF & 4 Jars)

Vidiem mixture grinder is a multipurpose product. It can perform many tasks. These tasks include chopping, slicing, blending, mincing, juicing, kneading, and so on. So, get one product and do multiple tasks. 

Besides, the package has a multi chef. It made up of stainless steel. The capacity of a multi-chef is 2 liters. With a polycarbonate lid, noise is reduced. High torque is possible due to a double reduction gearbox. 

Quadra flow technology is present. The di-electric motor casing provides many useful features. It allows for less power consumption. 40% more cooling is allowed. 

Aria cool tech motor is the unique attribute of the product. Self-locking jars assure secure locking. Tri-mate couplers give high strength. Sturdy handles provide a firm grip. All these fantastic features make the product favourite among consumers. 

Moreover, vortex flow blades is an important character. It prevents wear and tear. 

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  • Self-locking jars.
  • It has 750 watts ARIA cool tech motor.
  • Strong blades are present.
  • Perfect for grinding batter as well as hard items.
  • It is expensive.
  • The body is of plastic material.

3. V-Guard Mixer Grinder 750W

V-Guard Mixer Grinder, 750W
750W, 3 Jars

V Guard offers a superb experience of grinding. It has 750 watts copper motor. It is efficient. The motor promises excellent performance every time. 

The product accompanies a spiral duct cooling system. It is essential to own this system. This helps in keeping the inside of the machine cool. 

 The easy lid lock system is present. This is a safety feature. It allows hands-free grinding—no need to hold the jars during functioning. Keep yourself safe from the messy affairs of the loose lid system. 

The Chutney jar has a handle. Jars are of superior grade SS. These have flow breakers. There is a juice extractor, and It supports online feeding. 

Two years warranty is present with the product. 

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  • Excellent performance.
  • The lid lock system is present in the jars.
  • The spiral duct cool system keeps the product cool while functioning.
  • Starting a few runs may give a burning smell.

4. Preethi Mixer Grinder 750 Watt

Preethi Chef Pro 750-Watt Mixer Grinder
Chef Pro 750-Watt

This product from the Preethi has a gorgeous design. The design is compact. The mixer grinder from Preethi serves you for different purposes. 

Preparing batter or masala is not a worry anymore. Its jars give you the facility of preparing batter quickly. Preparing masala is also a smooth task with the product. The capacities of the jars are different. Different capacities include 0.5 l, 1.0 l, and 1.5 l. All these will serve your different needs for cooking. 

Jars are made up of 100% stainless steel. They contain polycarbonate. Dome-shaped lids are present over the jars. These lids are transparent. 

The functioning of the mixer grinder is trouble-free. So, the operation is easy. It is straightforward to operate. Hence, the use of the mixer grinder reduces human efforts. 

Polished blades are also of stainless steel. The blades make it perfect for cutting. Even coconut can also be cut into pieces with it. Within a few seconds, you can mince veggies. 

Safety is the priority. Its body is shockproof as it is made up of ABS material. Moreover, PVC is insulating it. 

It is a complete food processor. The product reduces the effort of grating, chopping, and grinding. This is an assistant in the kitchen. 

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  • The product has a superior grinding performance.
  • The powerful motor of 750 watts.
  • Shockproof ABS body.
  • Stainless steel jars.
  • Efficient grinding with straight jars.
  • Unique heat sensitive cut off feature.
  • While operating this, you will experience noise.

5. Bosch Mixer Grinder 1000Watt

Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000-Watt Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking
TrueMixx Pro 1000-Watt Mixer Grinder

Bosch mixer grinder is giving a traditional pounding effect along with the sophisticated latest technology. It is the right one for you. The product is offering a perfect blend of technology and tradition. It is the ideal option to prepare batters, purees, and pastes. Even, you can also prepare spices powder in this. 

All these tasks are possible due to its motor. One thousand watts is powerful and efficient. 4 jars of different capacities are accompanying this motor. Both of these serve the multipurpose tasks of the kitchen. 

Jar of 400 ml capacity is the best for making delicious chutney. On the other hand, prepare spices in a 1000 ml capacity jar. The third jar with the same capacity is best for preparing pastes, purees, and batter. 

Next, the largest one serves best for juice extraction. It has a 1500ml capacity. Get the juices from vegetables and fruits. Prepare healthy juices in no time. 

Healthy lid locks help you a lot. It saves you from the messy kitchen. No spilling from the jars. This feature ensures a hand-free operation. So, you can manage cooking efficiently as well as safely. 

Easy operation and noiseless operation make the product the best. Customers trust the brand. 

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  • Compact and sleek design.
  • While operating the product, the noise produced is less.
  • Rapid processing with high speed.
  • Overload protection is present.
  • Stone pounding technology is present.
  • For 30 minutes continuously, you can use it.
  • It might be out of your budget. It is little expensive.

6. Balzano 1200 Watts High speed Mixer Grinder

Balzano High-Speed Nutri Blender/Mixer/Smoothie Maker
1200 Watts – 9 Pcs Set

Balzano is always considered to be a trusted brand. It is known for offering luxury products. Italian design blender prepares healthy portions every day.  

It prepares the smoothies with a power of 1200 watts. The blender has a high torque motor. This gives good power and speed for grinding and mixing. You will get the desired power for juice extraction, mixing, and grinding. It gives the highest degree of nutrition in the food. 

One push button is an attractive feature. Along with that, it has a pulse function too. Push one button to obtain nutrients from the food. It is straightforward to use and clean. Cleaning the appliance is no more a nightmare. 

It is designed for the Indian kitchen. It is compact. But the size does not matter in the way of performance and functionality. It can handle all the challenging tasks. The blender can tackle Haldi and coconut. Its commercial-grade components help in grinding the most challenging ingredients within a few seconds. 

Importantly, blades are dishwasher safe. Blender has a universal blade. It is made up of stainless steel. Next, an attractive feature is BPA free Tritan jars. The jars have a double safety interlock system. It prevents the spilling from the jars. So, the messy kitchen is no more problem. 

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  • Compact design. So, it needs less space to occupy.
  • Capable of extracting minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. It offers complete nourishment.
  • It gives hand free grinding.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • For continuous operations, overload protection is present.
  • You can prepare baby food in a few seconds.
  • NA

7. Pigeon Mixer Grinder 2020

Pigeon Mixer Grinder- Especial White
Especial White

As always, Pigeon, this time also has come up with the best kitchen appliance. In everyday use, products of Pigeon serve the best purpose for you. 

The performance of the mixture grinder highly depends on its motor. Here, the motor has consumed 750 W. This much power is more than sufficient to give the best grinding results. Another added feature about the motor is its copper material. It is made up of copper. So, durability is good. 

Maintenance is easy with this product. ABS knobs are sturdy as well as compact. This supports easy maintenance. 

It is assisted with three jars. All differ in size and capacity. They are dry and wet jars. So, these are suitable for grinding spices as well as making purees and chutneys. Thus, you can use it for multiple tasks. 

For safety concerns, automatic overload cut-off is present. It accompanied by forced air technology. Lids are unbreakable as they are made up of polycarbonate. 

Moreover, the company is giving five years warranty on the motor. 

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  • Unbreakable lids.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Motor performance is good.

    8. Havells Mixer Grinder for Indian Kitchen

    Havells Steel Jar and Cooper Winding Motor Mixer Grinder
    Cooper Winding Motor Mixer Grinder

    Havells is a famous brand in the Indian market. The brand has occupied the market in very little time. The reason behind this is its quality products. Kitchen appliances of the brand have always been popular in the minds of customers. 

    Steel jars are durable. They have stainless steel blades to give excellent grinding results. 

    The copper winding motor is another added unique feature of the mixture. 

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    • Steel jars.
    • Quality product.
    • Excellent grinding results.

      9. Hamilton Mixer Grinder 1400 Watt

      Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder
      Beach Professional Juicer 1400 Watt Rated Motor

       Hamilton Beach professional is among the top models. Its 1400npower is enabling the mixture to do demanding tasks also. But still, the list of features it has is impressive. The high price tag does not let the model down. 

      The juicer mixture grinder is an idle solution to all your kitchen needs. Special features of the product are intelligent controls and triple safety protection. Triple overload protection is also present. So, no compromises in safety issues. 

      Most of the mixture grinders lack strong lids. But, in this model, strong lids are present. This gives us the liberty for the hand free functioning. Hence, we can do other tasks at the same time. Thus, being multiple tasks while we are functioning on a mixture grinder is excellent. 

      The durability of the product is Robust and reliable couplers installed in it. High quality is maintained. 

      The presence of an active flow breaker assures fluffy batter. Every time has the consistent and adequate batter. Ingredients interact with the blades evenly. 

      Get the concealed brush with this package. It is fitted at the mixed jar’s bottom. Hence, while running, leakage of oil is absent. 

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      • It offers value for money.
      • Concealed brush prevents oil spilling.
      • Performance is good.
      • Equips excellent features.
      • It is noisy sometimes.
      • This model is expensive. It does not come under everyone’s budget.

      Best 550 Watt Mixer Grinder for Indian cooking

      1. Preethi Mixer Grinder 550

      Preethi Eco Plus 550-Watt Mixer Grinder
      Eco Plus 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

      The next product on the list is from Preethi. Preethi Eco plus mixer grinder is a unique combination of excellent performance and build quality. It is reasonably priced also. The mixer grinder will never disappoint you. 

      In any mixer, the motor is an essential part. Efficiency depends on the motor only. This product has 550 watts of power. As a result, it is quite useful in grinding, grating, juicing, and pureeing. All tasks are completed with expertise. 

      Next, the important thing is about the jars. It is crucial to own different size jars. The size of the jars decides the capacity. Along with this, material matters a lot. Here, jars are of stainless steel. So, after the use of a long time, rusting will not occur. 

      The control knob is convenient to use. Change the settings as per the requirement. There are three-speed settings. You can choose among low, medium, and high. Turning this switch will help you in controlling the speed. 

      The presence of different speed makes sure that ingredients are blended properly. It assists in getting the desired state and texture of the ingredients. 

      The safety issue the next major issue. Here, also, the brand has taken care of this thing. Overload protection is present. So, continuous use of the mixture will not interrupt the working of the motor. Prevention is assured from damage and overheating. 

      Voltage fluctuation protection is also available in this model. So, no damage is there in times of voltage fluctuations. Moreover, the ABS body is shockproof. Hence, get protection against the electric shock. Getting many such protections is excellent. 

      Ergonomically design is an important feature. It will let you handle the jars over the mixture properly. Trouble-free operation is possible with the help of nylon couplers. These are of high grade.

      Polycarbonate domes and lids come with the model. Bush life is long. Bushes are oil-filled sintered bronze. 

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      • Stainless steel jars
      • Blades are made up of stainless steel.
      • Extended bush life.
      • Jars with different sizes and capacities.
      • Initially, in the first few runs, one can have a burning smell experience.

      2. V-Guard Mixer Grinder 550W

      V-Guard Mixer Grinder, 550W, 3 Jars (Yellow
      550 Watt

      V guard is well known in the Indian market. It has 550 watts motor. The motor is powerful. It is efficient and has high torque. 

      The product has the power of ultra-fast grinding. 

      There are three stainless steel jars. All are of different capacities. Vortex flow technology is present. It is the highlighted feature. 

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      • Vortex flow technology
      • Two years warranty is present.
      • Blades are of stainless steel.
      • Initially, one might experience a burning smell.

      3. Panasonic Mixer Grinder

      Panasonic Super MX-AC300S 550-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars
      Super MX-AC300S 550-Watt 3 Jars

      Panasonic is a great name in the minds of the Indian consumer. The brand has made its name due to its quality and affordable prices. Premium features and good build quality of Panasonic is fantastic. 

      The safety locking system is the best feature of the product. It is following the international standard. This mixture has a unique double safety interlocking system. Safety lid-locking system is added advantage. Another safety feature is its magic seal protection. Motor overload protector is present, 

      For the liquidizing purpose, three stainless steel jars are present. Besides, these are perfect for dry as well as wet grinding. Besides, making chutney is also an easy task with the jar. 

      Piano type buttons are present. There are three-speed controls as well as pulse. Samurai edge blades ensure maximum grinding efficiency. 

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      • International standard of safety locking system.
      • Perfect for wet and dry grinding.
      • Premium look in blue.
      • Samurai edge blades.
      • Cleaning can be difficult sometimes.

      Best 500 Watt Mixer Grinder 2021

      1. Kenstar 500-WATT Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

      Kenstar MIXEL 500-WATT Mixer GRINGER with 3 Jars
      3 Jars

      Kenstar is a well-known brand in the market. It has always come up with quality products. Its compact size, along with white and aqua green colour, makes it beautiful. The mixture grinder enhances the décor of the kitchen. 

      In the big cities, where the area always matters, the kitchen does not get much space. So, getting compact-sized appliances will ease your working. This compact-sized appliance serves the best purpose. The compact size makes it suitable to fit in the small space also. Thus, it will occupy a little place. 

      Compact size does not affect the performance. Its SS ultima blades ensure high performance. Thus, get excellent performance in grinding and mixing. 

      Get the multipurpose tasks done with three jars. All have different capacities. The small one can be used to make chutneys. 

      The motor is quite powerful with 500 W power. Besides, it is a hybrid motor. 

      The manufacturer is offering a two years warranty. 

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      • Compact size.
      • Presence of SS Ultima blades.

        2. Cookwell Mixer Grinder 500W

        Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder, 500W
        5 Jar 3 Blade, Black, and Chrome

        The compact design of Cookwell makes it idle for a small kitchen. Its compact size helps in fitting anywhere in the kitchen. So, it consumes less space in comparison to heavy processors. 

        It has three blades. Blades serve different functions. They can grind every food. Wt grinding blade has six leaves. Thus, it is best for making smoothies, gravies, juices, and chutney. The dry grinding blade is suited for spices, coffee beans, pulses, and dry fruits. 

        Get the froth and cream blade. Make superb creamy milkshakes with this one. One can easily prepare thick lassi and ice cream liquid. 

        In total, there are five jars. These different jars offer maximum utility. You can use any blade with any of the jars. Select the blade and pair it with any jar as per usage. Small jars are 2 in number. These can be used for preparing chutneys and dry grinding. 

        Portable jars are best for preparing protein shakes, juices, and smoothies. Drink directly from the jar only. One can carry the jar with himself. The tall jar is suitable for making batter and gravies. Overall, each purpose is served with this mixture. 

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        • Parts are easily washable.
        • Superfast copper motor.
        • Five different jars are available.
        • Any jar can pair up with any blade.
        • Detachable parts.
        • It is not for grinding heavy ingredients like turmeric.

        3. Bajaj Mixer Grinder 500W

        Bajaj GX 6 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

        This mixer has made its place on the list. It is quite popular among people. Bajaj mixer grinder has a clean surface design. It looks great and awesome. Three-speed control settings are suitable for mixing and grinding. Its pulse function also aids in grinding. 

        ABS jar handles support easy gripping. Three jars come with this model. All are of different capacities. These are 0.3 litres, 1 litre, and 1.5 litres. 

        Overload is also safe. The overload protector makes the motor safe during overloading. Get the spatula to remove the mix from the jars. Two years warranty is present on the product and motor. 

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        • Three jars of different capacities.
        • The overload protector is present.
        • Speed control functions.
        • The powerful motor of 500 watts.
        • The functioning of the mixer grinder is noisy.

        4. Havells Mixer Grinder 500W

        Havells Sprint Mixer Grinder
        3 Jars

        Havells is a trusted brand. This brand has made cooking easy and fun. Effortlessly preparing a meal is always fun. Prepare your favourite meal in no time with the help of Havells Sprint mixer grinder. It is a multitasking appliance. 

        Three jars come with the package. These are of stainless steel. SS-304 grade blades are present. The steel blades result in great grinding and adequate mixing. It does not rust and stain in contact with water. Flow breakers are present in the jars. 

        Ergonomic handles are featuring the jars. This makes the tasks easy—no problem in setting the jar over mixture. For every mixture grinder, lids are essential. Lids of the jars will keep ingredients inside the jar only. It will prevent it from spreading outside. 

        The mixer has a cord winder. Hence, when it is not in use, storing becomes easy. A significant speed knob control is present. The size of the knob makes controlling easy for the user. The 90-degree knob does not make noise. It is noiseless. Easy to operate knob of mixture offers a relief to operate the mixer efficiently. 

        While the mixer is in use, no more shaking is there. It is possible due to vacuum feet. This prevents the movement of the grinder while it is in use. 

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        • Five years warranty is present.
        • Ergonomic handles
        • Jars have lids.
        • A stable base is present.
        • Sleek design.
        • Speed control dial.
        • Nothing Much


        Which mixer grinder is best for house purpose?

        Bosch, Sujatha, Preethi, Philips, Havells, and Bajaj are the best for house purposes. Mixer grinders can handle multipurpose tasks. 

        What is the wattage of the mixer grinder?    

        Wattage is the power consumption of the mixer grinder. It is not only for the mixer grinder. The fact applies to all electrical consumption. 

        Wattage around 450-500 is needed for light tasks. These include grinding spices. So, a 450-500 watts mixer grinder is sufficient for grinding purposes. 

        More power is required to prepare dosa and idli batter. So, for batter preparation, a 750 watts mixer grinder is required. High wattage is always required to grind harsh ingredients. 

        Hence, one should decide the use and need. After that, finalize the watts. However, for the Indian kitchen, 500-750 watts is sufficient. 

        Which is the best brand for mixer grinder in India?

        The market is filled with different brands. All brands claim to be the best ones. However, some brands are standing true to the customer’s expectations. Mixer grinders from Philips, Bajaj, and Preethi considered being the best ones. 

        These have served the modern needs of an Indian kitchen. Latest advanced technology in mixer grinders is perfectly suitable for Indian households. The brands are offering quality kitchen pieces of equipment.  

        Quality products made their place in the hearts of customers themselves only. However, mixer grinders from Bajaj, Preethi, and Philips are efficient. Their affordable price is just another factor making them favourite. 

        Top Selling Mixer Grinder for indian cooking


        Days are gone when Indian women work hard to prepare batters and spices. Multitasking appliances have become an integral part of the kitchen. Without them, the kitchen is not completed. Modern kitchen appliances are making their space in Indian cooking. So, getting them in the kitchen is becoming an important decision.

        The mixer grinder is in this row only. This multipurpose tool serves many tasks. Chopping, grating, grinding, and so on has become very easy. An Indian kitchen cannot be imagined without a mixer grinder. Get several tasks completed within a matter of time. Save yourself from manual hard work. Utilize your precious time.

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