5 Best Mixer Grinder for Idli Batter / Dosa 2021 Reviews

Indian cuisine is known for its versatility. All through the nations, there is a variety of culinary delights. And to prepare the delights, a wide range of pieces of equipment are available. You may have the best food processors. But to make idli and dosa batter, it is not sufficient. 

It is a little difficult task to prepare such a batter. Thus, to make the idli batter let’s explore the mixer grinder. These mixer grinders are the best ones to prepare the batter. 

Best Mixer Grinder for Idli Batter 2021 Home Use

Best Mixer Grinder for Idli Batter

1. Preethi Xpro Duo MG 198 1300-Watt Mixer Grinder


Preethi Xpo is making the number one choice to full heavy-duty requirements. This brand is quite popular among the category of Mixer Grinder for Idli Batter. 

The product is made up of stainless steel, i.e., 100 percent. It is offering a sufficient grinding experience to the users. In terms of pricing, the product is priced reasonably. So, the pricing is not very high. Hence, making the mixer grinder suitable for a medium-sized family. 

Most importantly, there are three-point locking for the lids. Blades are known for effective grinding. Grinding is never questionable with the blades of Preethi Xpro Duo. 

The motor is quite strong. It has a double ball bearing. The dual ball bearing assures non stop grinding. This feature also adds durability as well as longevity to the product. Its power is 1300 watts. Its thermoplastic polymer makes the mixture an ideal option to own. 

The locking mechanism is a great feature. The mechanism will ensure a hand-free operation. So, there will not be any problem with doing some other work simultaneously. 

Continuous use of mixture will not result in a heated motor. This device has turbo vent technology. The presence of technology ensures the cooling of the engine during continuous operation. Now, if the motor is not heated, the ingredients will indeed not heated up. It will result in their natural taste. 

The presence of nylon couplers allows smooth usage. 

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  • The motor is quite powerful, with the power of 1300 watts.
  • Nylon, as well as neoprene couplers, are present.
  • Shockproof ABS body.
  • Presence of heat-sensitive cut off for protecting from voltage fluctuations. It is also protecting against overload.
  • Sealed oil-filled sintered bronze bushes are present. It helps in non-stop grinding.
  • Turbo vent technology.
  • Secure jar locks are there to provide vibration-free operation.
  • The noise level is a little high.

2. Bosch Idli Dosa Batter Mixing Machine

Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000-Watt Mixer Grinder (Black)

Bosch mixer grinder is a replica of traditional dry grinding. It will give you the authentic taste of ingredients. The mixer is designed uniquely. It has a blunt pounding blade. It also has thick edges. Both of these features give pounding effects on components. This helps in providing authentic taste as well as texture. 

Stone pounding technology preserves the original texture of masalas. This is a patented technology. The pounding effect is provided on spices instead of cutting them. This keeps the coarse texture of spices. 

Slipping of jars is a common issue with the mixtures in kitchens. This is a significant issue as it makes the kitchen messy. So, to deal with such a problem, Bosch comes with unique lid locks. This sturdy lid lock is a great feature. 

Now, this feature will not allow the spilling of ingredients from the jars while in use. Anti-lid locks let you enable hands-free operation. 

To add extra stability, the mixture has strong suction. So, while in operation, the combination will not move from its place. You can work smoothly. 

Blades are of high quality. These are made up of stainless steel. Hence, the use of stainless steel assures high performance. The product is best for chutney, wet and dry grinding. 

The presence of a concealed bush ensures contamination-free grinding and mixing. 

Jars are of stainless steel. These have ergonomic designs. It allows for easy operation. So, the methods of pots also contribute to easy grinding. 

The mechanism of the overload protector offers safe operations. 

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  • Ergonomic designs of jars.
  • High-quality blades. Blunt pounding blade.
  • Stone pounding technology.
  • Uniquely designed mixture grinder.
  • Stainless steel jars
  • NA

3.Usha Thunderbolt Idli Dosa Batter Grinder

Usha Thunderbolt Mixer Grinder 800-Watt 3 Jars with Copper Motor(Magenta)

The Thunderbolt model is a 3 1 model. There are many unique features associated with the mixture grinder. It is known for its stunning performance. 

 The Mixer Grinder for Idli Batter is known for its powerful copper motor. The power is 800 watts. The engine is made up of 100% copper. The 800 watts is giving high torque. 

This powerful motor is efficient in grinding the toughest ingredients. It provides fine consistency while grinding. The 800 watts copper motor is 25% faster and more robust than other engines. 21000 RPM allows for faster operation. 

The copper motor is ideal for cooler operation. It also ensures high reliability. The copper motor is the superior one and will generate less heat during the grinding session. The operating time is longer. So, you can opt for multiple grinding sessions. 

Jars have unique designs to restore the original taste of grinded ingredients. Blades are safe for food. There are three multi-purpose jars. A Wet 1.5-liter jar helps make vegetable gravies and healthy soups. Blend lip-smacking shakes along with smoothies. Perfect for preparing ultra-smooth dosa and idlis batter. 

One liter jar is suitable for grinding masalas. Even the hardest  ingredients can be grinded easily in this jar.

5-liter grinding jar assists in making chutneys, creamy purees, and hummus. You can also grind dry spices. 

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  • Presence of overload protection. It assures motor safety.
  • Super suction feet provide high stability.
  • Blades are food safe.
  • High torque, as well as High Speed, is due to100 % Copper Motor.
  • During the continuous use of the mixture, one needs to give time to cool the motor.

4. Bajaj GX8 best mixer grinder for idli batter in India

Bajaj GX8 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars (White)

Bajaj Mixer Grinder for Idli Batter is a power-packed performer. The mixer has many fantastic features. It has an easy-grip jar handle and multifunctional blade. 

The motor has 750 watts. It is a powerful motor. The motor makes the grinder efficient one easy grinding. The powerful engine is providing fast and smooth grinding of any ingredients. 

RPM of the mixture is 20,000. These many revolutions per minute help in smooth grinding. 

The multifunctional blade is an excellent character of the product. This blade makes sure even grinding as well as mixing. So, all kinds of ingredients are grinded in the best manner. Making smooth paste becomes easy. Grinding raw masala is an easy task. 

Slipping of jars is a common problem. So, one needs some unique feature to avoid such slipping. Thus, the mixture has anti-slip qualities. Now, the pots have anti-slip features. It will not let you drop the jars. Get the easy-grip handles with the jars. 

Next, the critical thing is tetra flow technology. The presence of this technology ensures efficient working and functioning. Flow breakers will assure the even grinding and mixing. 

Additionally, the mixture has unbreakable jars along with lids. This grinder has three jars. All of these jars are made up of stainless steel. The use of stainless steel makes the pots stronger and thicker. The capacity of all three jars is different to serve different purposes. 

0.3-litre jar is serving as chutney jar. Others are a 1.2-liter dry grind jar and a 1.5-liter liquidizing jar. 

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  • Presence of three jars to serve different purposes.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • There are three-speed controls along with inches to fit as momentary operation.
  • Copper is made up of 100%.
  • The multifunctional blade is making even grinding.
  • Tetraflow technology is present.
  • The noise level is high.

5. Sujata Mixer Grinder for Idli Batter

Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder, 900W, 3 Jars (White)

The product is dominating the market. It is widely used for the idli and dosa batter.

Its 900 watts is quite effective in handling all difficult kitchen tasks. The motor has double ball bearings. These features of engines support low maintenance. With dual ball bearings, durability is added. Besides, it enhances the efficiency of the motor. It also adds longevity to the mixer. 

The mixer is quite effective in handling all kinds of grinding requirements. It is shockproof. The model has blades of stainless steel. It is of high strength. The edges are perfect for finer and faster grinding. 

You can use the mixture grinder continuously for one and a half hours. So, one can complete its task without any obstacle. 

There is also a system of speed control. Hence, one can have control over speed. The speed control helps in speed adjustments. Rotary action with three-speed adjustments is a great trait. 2200 RPM is its top speed. 

Moreover, there is a whipper button too. This is helpful for momentary motion. So, this option is useful for preparing whipped creams and creamy lassi. 

The product favors noiseless operation. This is a great advantage of using this model. 

The grinder is great for dry as well as wet grinding. It is coming with three jars. The dome jar is perfect for wet grinding. The remaining two jars are ideal for dry grinding. 

The product is an efficient one, and it is compatible too. One can opt for this if lots of batters are needed every day. 

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  • The product is of excellent quality.
  • It has an extremely powerful motor.
  • Shockproof.
  • Functioning is vibration-free.
  • Mixer grinder supports the noiseless operation.
  • It lacks any safety lock feature.


How to Choose Mixture Grinder?

https://www.indiaurbanportal.in Many factors affect the choice of mixture grinder. Before buying the mixture grinder, it is crucial to look upon some factors. These are type, product design, warranty, durability, and so on.
5 Best Mixer Grinder for Idli Batter 2021 Reviews

Important Factors


There is a wide range of mixtures available in the market. These range from Rs 1000-5000. Some are costlier than this range. So, one need to look for this factor as it affects your budget. Decide your budget first, then go for options falling within the budget.

Types of Mixture

In the kitchen, mixtures play an essential part. It is used in daily household chores like grating, chopping, grinding, and pureeing. This saves the efforts and time. So, one can prepare the food without going through any complications.
Consider the mixers as per the needs only. It is the best decision to spend your money on mixture grinders rather than buying them separately.


Power is an important feature but at the same time, considering the design is also necessary. Placing a product with a sleek design will add charm to the kitchen décor. Either get the L shape or tower design. Generally, most people prefer tower design. It is easy to clean the mixture grinder of this shape.

Blade Types

The blade is quite an essential part of the mixture grinder. Depending on the kinds of blades, the task is decided. Most of the blades are of stainless steel nowadays. It makes them durable. Mostly, mixer grinders have detachable blades. However, one can change the edges as per the requirements.

Speed settings

Choose the mixer grinder that has speed settings. Adjusting the speed makes the food safe inside the jars. It will not let the overflow inside the jar. So, get an extraordinary cooking experience. Speed setting gives you control over the speed of the motor. It also allows you to control the blades of the mixture grinder. Hence, monitoring is possible via speed settings.

Change the speed to low, medium, and high as per the functionality. Never ignore this factor while buying a mixture of grinders.

Durability and Quality

When you use a kitchen appliance daily, then it must be durable. Investing your money must be useful. So, getting a product must be stable.

The quality of the product must be good. The outer body of the mixture grinder must be of high-quality plastic. Jars must be of stainless steel. It will avoid the rusting of jars. One must also check the lids of jars. It should be made up of break-proof material.


This factor varies from brand to brand. So, while buying one, you must go for a warranty. Generally, the contract runs from 2-5 years. However, some brands are offering more than five years’ warranty.


As the warranty expires, the maintenance should be an easy task for the user.

Keeping all these things in mind will let you get the best one.



These few options will help you a lot in finalizing the choice for a mixer grinder. The product will surely assist the user in completing the task of making idli batter quickly.

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