5 Best Digital Locker for Home 2020 Safety Review

 The best way to protect your documents, money, and valuables from home theft is to use a secure electronic locker. Therefore, to purchase the safest and best electronic vault, you need to consider important factors such as the locking mechanism and the size of the lock. Most locks range from 8L to 34L. It is always a good idea to go for large capacity items, large size locks, small storage, and compact size locks.

Most electronic security lockers have a touch or biometric keypad that uses the fingerprint as a locking mechanism. Touch keypads enable access via user-generated pins. Nevertheless, other factors that buyers should consider are water resistance and fire resistance. Below is the best digital locker for your home.

Best Digital Locker for Home 2020

best Digital Locker for Home

 1. Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro 40L Digital Locker for Home

Best Digital Locker Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro Digital Home Locker (40L)

This type of locker is designed to give personal protection. It uses modern technology to ensure that all your valuables are protected by a very sophisticated essential design, which is fingerprinting. It stores up to thirty fingerprints for foolproof security and provides access only to your loved ones. The hinges are designed to hold sensitive areas such as the back of the locker, the back of the door, and the pillars.

The lock comes with a multi-twist structure of sheets of metal, which ensures that the locker meets the highest quality standards. The lock contains volatile memory, which remembers all passwords or PINs when the battery is replaced. It is smart to freeze after every four wrong password or PIN attempts. This type of lock is available in many parts of the country and is very safe at home and in-office use. 

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Pros & Cons

  • It has a mechanical override key with four grouting fasteners
  • Tall design and durable build which fives more room for secure storage
  • It has optimal biometric lock stores up to thirty fingerprints
  • Optical sensor auto freezes after every four consecutive wrong password attempts
  • USB enables as an alternative
  • Motorized locking mechanism which gives foolproof protection
  • Saved fingerprints, passwords or PINS which remain unchanged when the battery drains
  • Users much register their fingerprints to use the locker
  • Mechanical key and instructions are locked inside the locker

 2. Amazon Basics Home Safe – 1.80 Cubic Feet (50.97 litres)

AmazonBasics Home Safe - 1.80 Cubic Feet

Amazon Basics is safe when it comes to protecting or belonging to your documents. It is a programmable electronic keypad that is easy to operate, secure, and quick to install or set up. When using this unique lock, all you have to do is enter the secret code using the keypad provided in Safe, and then pull the handle to open the secure door. Its rigid structure ensures safe durability. Besides, it is made of light-duty gauge steel door and fourteen-gauge steel body with heavy-duty carbon steel.

This Safe keeps valuables away from theft or intruders. It is a perfect lock for storing jewellery, passport, cash, documents, and other essential items. It helps protect personal possessions while at the same time providing valuable peace of mind to consumers.

The black exterior design offers a safe and beautiful look that harmonizes with any office or home setting or atmosphere. This type of lock comes in different sizes or dimensions, which is preferred by most users. Customers have the option to choose any size suits for their needs.

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Pros & Cons

  • It is 1.8 cubic feet home safe for storing all essential documents and data
  • Have programmable electronic keypad for secure and comfortable operation.
  • Have a back-up key for emergency use only.
  • Replaceable battery.
  • It is made of heavy-duty carbon-steel metal.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware for wall and floor mounting.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The lock studs are too close to each other
  • All the body is made from 1mm thick metal sheet

 3. Armour Mechanical Safe Wardro Series

Armour offers a wide range of touchscreen safe, electronic safe, biometric secure, swipe card reliable, standard electronic safe, and digital display hotel safe.

The company manufactures using superior grade raw material to ensure durable performance at the client end. Locks are available in different sizes and specifications. It brings a mechanical and electronic locking system with a removable shelf or interior carpet. It is made with premium quality materials to ensure the highest high-safety standards. It is a computerized key, opened with high precision, and is always customizable for any need or use.

Despite its basic form, this type of lock has a premium finish, which makes it safe. Besides, this type of lock is compatible with many functions for all purposes.

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Pros & Cons

  • Easily customizable
  • It has a dual lock safety, electronic password and mechanical key for a safe opening
  • Twin bolt locking
  • Pry resistant with concealed hinges
  • Fitting holes both at the back and bottom
  • One removable shelf
  • It has a premium finish
  • It can quickly get dent and scratches.

 4. Godrej Security Solutions Access SEEC9060 Electronic Safe (8 Litre) (Ivory)

Godrej Security Solutions Access SEEC9060 Electronic Safe (8 Litre)

Godrej Security Solutions Access Enjoy full ownership of all your documents and valuables with the digital lock mechanism using the SEEC9060 Electronic Safe (8 liters). The mechanical override key is the master lock, which is used when the user forgets his password. It can be arranged both on the walls and on the floor.

This Safe is a functional lock with the convenience of retaining the password whether the battery is removed or not. It comes with hidden password entry. The lock improves battery life compared to other locks, durable finish, and interior carpet.

Besides, it is compact with attractive aesthetics and unstable memory. This type of lock is a beautiful design that is suitable for use in homes, offices, apartments, and hotels. Besides, Topnotch uses a proven and reliable electronic circuit with embedded technology to provide security.

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Pros & Cons

  • Mild steel safe locker with compact, potent 8 Litre, 5kg
  • Opens with three to six-digit password
  • Master password enabled for better control
  • Automatically freezes after every four wrong password attempts
  • The mechanical override in case password or PIN is forgotten
  • Two motorized shooting bolts for auto-freeze, multi-bend construction and extra security
  • Option for grouting and anchoring
  • The code does not work suddenly, which requires technical assistance.

5. Ozone Safety Solutions Tusker-10 Electronic Safe (10 Litre) Grey

Ozone Safety Solutions

Ozone Overseas has a prominent global presence in the architectural hardware domain. The company strives to provide technologically advanced security and hardware products to its customers. The company (Ozone) has achieved excellent compactness for its first-hand electronic safes.

Ozone Safety Solutions Tusker-10 Electronic Safe offers an extensive collection of the most advanced electronic safe. The lock ensures the safety and security of all valuables in commercial establishments, retail outlets, hotels, offices, and homes. Its range includes electronic biometric safes and motorized safes that work with fingerprint, password, or PIN.

The lock has audit trail features, fire-resistant, and burglary resistance. Auto-freeze after three consecutive faulty passcode attempts leading to five minutes of inactivity. This type of lock goes through a rigorous quality inspection process at various production levels. It is tested in leading lock testing laboratories in the United States of America.

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Pros & Cons

  • Impressive LCD with twin colour backlight
  • Loud anti-theft alarm and intelligent shock sensors
  • Functional storage space and beautiful design
  • Electronic locking system which opens with a four to eight-digit passcode
  • It has a mechanical override key in case password is lost or forgotten
  • Constructed ensuring superior strength and passcode hiding option for extra protection
  • Password retained even if batteries are drained or removed with low battery indicator
  • Complicated setup process which makes master password a bit difficult to set
  • The door bolt is manually operated


You need to make sure that all your valuables or necessary documents or data are safe, even if you intend to fulfill them with digital lockers for the place or house where you are staying. In such a situation where safety should be a priority, the best option to go is Electronic Safe, which is portable and kept away from all vandalism.

The locks mentioned above are some of the best guidelines on all the things to consider before buying an electronic safe or digital locker for home.

The above-mentioned digital locker for home is perfect in terms of budget and security of documents or valuables. Digital locker proofing for home design and steel exterior makes it more secure and scratch-resistant, making it more durable. With convenient adjustable shelves and extra keys for easy access, these types of digital lockers for the home make your life easier and without headaches. Overhead cabinets only give you a rough idea of ​​all the essential features you need to consider if you want to get the most out of Safe. In general, security is something that cannot be compromised at any time.

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